Public Jobs

Bids due in 12 days
2/4/20 2:00 pm
Roanoke Regional Airport Commission Building 51 Tenant Upgrades
Thompson & Litton
5202 Aviation Drive, Roanoke, VA 24012
The Project consists of the alteration of Building 51, 1410 Coulton Street, Roanoke, Virginia for the primary use of a call center with general offices, conference room and accessory spaces. Included are renovations to the existing restrooms, mechanical, electrical, and fire suppression systems. Asbestos abatement is also included in the project.
Bids due in 7 days
1/30/20 2:00 pm
Madison Primary School Renovation
Grimm + Parker Architects
158 Primary School Drive, Madison, VA 22727
The project consists of a full interior renovation of the majority of Madison County Primary School including all academic and administrative areas, library, and cafeteria. Work includes demolition of existing walls, mechanical, electrical and plumbing in these areas. Structural modifications are minimal. New work includes all new walls, finishes, ceilings, replacement of windows and storefronts, HVAC systems, power, lighting, and low voltage systems, and plumbing systems. Work in the existing gymnasium is limited to ceilings, lighting, doors, plumbing fixtures and wall finishes. Work in the existing kitchen is limited to new ceilings, lighting, kitchen HVAC and hood, and wall finishes. Site work is limited to the installation of a new generator, and there is an add alternate for replacing perimeter sidewalks. Apart from the replacement of storefronts and windows, the only exterior work is an add alternate to make repairs and re-coat the existing metal fascia and copings around the building.
Bids due in 28 days
2/20/20 2:00 pm
NRRA Landfill Area D Expansion (Phase I)
Thompson & Litton
7100 Cloyd's Mountain Rd., Dublin, Virginia
This Project consists of the installation of approximately 975 linear feet (L.F.) of 6-inch waterline, 1,000 L.F. of 12-inch gravity leachate transfer line, 1,180 L.F. of 8-inch underdrain, 900 L.F. of 6-inch underdrain, grading for Area D Base Grade, and preloading stockpiles for areas filled during Area D Base grading.
Bids due in 6 days
1/29/20 2:00 pm
Paw Paw Water Line Extension for the Buchanan County PSA
Thompson & Litton
1023 Old Benns Branch Road, Oakwood, VA
This project consists of the installation of approximately 8,200 linear feet (L.F.) of 8-inch water line, 6,400 L.F. of 4-inch water line, 1,150 L.F. of 2-inch water line, and other associated appurtenances required to effectively provide water to 67 residents of the Hurley community.
Bids due today at 2:00pm
1/23/20 2:00 pm
Backbone Ridge - Lazarus Branch/Burrhead Barton Water Line Replacement
Thompson & Litton
11996 Dickenson Hwy., Clinchco, VA
Contract I: The construction of approximately 4,700 linear feet (L.F.) of 4-inch, and 1,300 of 2-inch; 25 service re-connections; and all associated appurtenances. Contract II: The construction of approximately 3,000 L.F. of 6-inch and 1,700 L.F. of 2-inch water line; 12 service re-connections an all associated appurtenances.